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We Can't Mask Our Excitement for Our Casino Night Masquerade Party

Add a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of merriment to your Thursday evening at Crest Volvo Cars’ Casino Night! This month’s theme is Masquerade Party, so get ready for a fun-filled night of dazzling disguises, feathery facades and, of course, plenty of casino games to try your luck at.


Volvo Cars' 'Skype for Business' Feature Turns Bad Traffic Into a Good Business Opportunity

Running late to your nine o’clock meeting? Volvo’s newest update will make great use of the time spent stuck in that traffic jam. The automaker has partnered with Microsoft to add Skype for Business to all 90 Series models.


Video: Volvo Cars' Vision of Seamless Mobility

From developing self-driving technology to innovating in-car connectivity, Volvo is constantly working towards improving the lives of their drivers. The video inside highlights the automaker's latest vision: productivity on the go.